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The stove’s components curve together to form an elegant finished product. With various options available, such as a steel or glass door, and bases and design-adjustable feet in various heights, it is also highly versatile. The gas stove does not take up much space and has realisticly deceptively flames, while its ceramic imitation logs make it virtually impossible to distinguish from a real wood fire.

The gas stove can be operated using either propane or natural gas, and it can be switched on and off with ease using the convenient remote control. It also features various flame levels as well as numerous useful functions.

The Q-TEE 2 C GAS is also available in a wood-burning model, the Q-TEE 2 C.


NEXO GAS is now available in five different sizes as NEXO 100, 120, 140, 160 and 185. Choose the exact components you want from 6 different paintworks, various door and window options, and a range of cover plates. Flue pipes colour-matched to your oven complete the design of your gas fireplace.

NEXO burns with trusted Attika burner technology, guaranteeing very beautiful gas fires. The NEXO has received the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019 in recognition of its outstanding design.

You can also experience the same level of customisability and Attika quality in the equivalent wood stoves NEXO 100NEXO 120NEXO 140NEXO 160 and NEXO 185.


The VIVA L GAS stove can be operated with propane or natural gas. It is ideal for all those who love the atmosphere of a real fire but find dealing with firewood, ash, etc. too much hassle.  The deceptively real flame pattern around the ceramic imitation logs make it almost impossible to distinguish from a real wood fire. The design of the VIVA L GAS conforms to the successful VIVA100 LVIVA 120 L and VIVA 160 L wood stove series with Customized Concept. That means countless combinations of colours, side panels and top plates. The choice is all yours!

VIVA L GAS is available in heights 100 cm, 120 cm and 160 cm.

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